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Use cases for inspection robots opening up the oil-, gas- and petrochemical markets (PETROBOT)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PETROBOT will open the oil-, gas and petrochemical markets by developing two key new robot inspection technologies and validating these in use cases:1. Off-line internal inspection of pressure vessels: avoiding the high cost for human entry as well as reducing plant down-time.2.In-line inspection of storage tanks: avoiding lost revenue by keeping tanks in full operation.Currently, inspections are carried out by human inspectors. Plants must be taken out of operation inducing substantial lost revenue and shut down costs. Recent robot developments are promising, but technologies have not been adapted to the requirements of the target sectors.PETROBOT mobilises the complete value chain – consisting of robot- and inspection technology providers, inspection service companies and end users – in order to develop innovative inspection robots and validate these solutions in use cases. Innovative aspects include:1. Improved navigation and mobility capability and autonomy of robots.2. Adaptation of inspection technologies to robot usage.3. Integration of robot and inspection technology components and software development that specifically meet the sector's needs.4. Demonstration and validation of the solutions in real field.In order to accelerate deployment of validated solutions substantial attention will be paid to:- integration aspects (operations, safety, cleaning and inspection procedures, adaptation of plant for robot acces, inspection standards);- establishing deployment potential;- investigating market uptake routes.Main impacts are:1. Opening of new markets for robot inspection (hardware and services: € 300 mln/year).2. Cost reductions through reduced shut-down times and inspection related costs. Savings for industries using pressure vessels and storage tanks are estimated at € 350 mln/year.3. Stimulation of innovation in robotics and robot inspection services.4. Reduction of exposure of personnel to hazards related to confined space entry.



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