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USA and Europe Cooperation in Mini UAVs (UECIMUAVS)
Date du début: 5 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 4 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Unmanned Aerial Systems have been an active area of research in recent years all around the world. Top research centres in the word are working on new applications, improving previous ones, solving specific problems in the different areas. Each centre has taken a special area of the whole field into focus and they are taking specialization on it. It makes a huge scattered network of knowledge.The project that we present here is an attempt to connect some relevant nodes of this network putting in contact 4 leading research centres whit experience in different fields connected and complementary, but not superposed. Thus, the opportunities and strength of each partner will be increased.The members of the consortium are:• The ASU (Arizona State University) Robotics Laboratory ( ) has significant experience in designing, building and deploying aerial and aquatic mobile robot systems. The present inventory of robots includes multiple fixed wing, rotary aerial vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles with varied capabilities in sensing and actuation.• The Linköping University, Artificial Intelligence & Integrated Computer Systems Division ( ), contributes with his experience in quadrotor systems for indoor and outdoor, visual navigation and with Software Architectures for micro-uavs.• The Universidad Politécnica Madrid, Computer Vision Group ( ), contributes with his experience in visual guidance and visual control for rotatory UAVs.All the above makes a great opportunity to share knowledge, expertise, work-styles, etc. different operative test beds, laboratories and R&D leading technology facilities and no less importance, cultural aspects."



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