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Date du début: 20 juin 2014, Date de fin: 20 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Urban Art & Social Transformation"" is an international training course, financed by the Erasmus + programme, about urban art and especially the hip hop culture and all its elements, and how this art can be a great tool for inclusion and social transformation. In the last years hip hop culture has become very pupular, especially among young people coming from marginal and fewer opportunities neighborhoods. This culture has created también youth leaders between the prople who practice any of the element, its viewres and supporters. From the moment we set up Iniciativa Internacional Joven, we have supported a youth group of people organized in the association ""El Círculo Breaking"", because we found in hip hop, an educative tool, so of social transformation, because when these young artists are trained in youth work, they become street educators, and a direct reference for this group. With this aim we organized a training course, in collaboration with ""El Círculo Breaking"", and four other European partners (Travelogue from Italy, Itinéraire International PACA from France, Youthnet from Cyprus and Associacao Cultural Mohíno da Juventude from Portugal). The Training Course was held from 3rd to 10th of November in Malaga and attended 27 participants (included trainers, facilitators or experts/speakers) from Spain, Italy, France, Cyprus and Portugal. Participants were artists of the hip hop culture interested in working with young people with fewer opportunities, as well as professionalizing their artistic form to develop their passion as a profession and carring out activities and/or projects of social transformation. The main objectives, that have been successfully achieved, were: -Knowing the different realities in which young artists of hip hop movement live and work; -Exchanging experiences between participants from different countries, analysing difficulties and supports received from citizens, public and private institutions; -Training them to professionalise their art form; -Designing activities where urban art becomes a tool for inclusion, citizen participation, social and educational transformation; -Improving the knowledge and consideration of steakholders about urban art, hip hop culture and the strenght of social transformation that this movement has. To achieve it, we did different activities such as: • Work sessions with debates and discussions about inclusion, social intervention, analysis of the needed key skills, career opportunities, social entrepreneurship, etc. As the training course was framed within the non-formal education, the content was implemented in a dynamic, participative and entertaining form. Trainers gave some input and the knowledge was generated from the own knowledge and experiences shared through small group activities, role-playing, dynamics, etc. We also had the presence of professionals who have managed to make their passion a profession and live through urban art, carring out activities and/or proyects of social transformation; • Workshops on the different elements of hip hop organized by participants and opened to the entire local population which has responded with a great acceptance. • “Make the Streets Happy” (“Allegrando las Calles”): a visibility activity where we visited two landmarks place of Málaga (CAC Square and Calle Larios) making them more happy with the hip hop culture and giving visibility to the project and the activities of the European Union. •Judgement Day: big final event that took place on 9th of November which involved more than 200 people. Besides enjoying live music, competitions of bboying and graffiti, we also explained the project, its objectives, activities carried out and how the European Union supports urban culture. The activities we carried out were focused on personal, social and professional development of participants, who adquired new skills to be good professionals and get the tools to be actively involved and contribute to the social transformation of their neighborhood/cities, being not just artists, but also street educators and youth leader. For that reason, also their communities of origin will receive this impact and these benefits. Instead on the personal and social level, they improved their social, civil and cultural skills, raising their awareness towards other cultures, the importance of languages and european values such as tolerance, respect, interculturality, etc. We would like to carry out another project considering all these partners but also inviting young people from other parts of the world, in order to widen the impact of this project.



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