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Unwrapping Words
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The ‘UNWRAPPING WORDS’ programme seeks to explore the literary heritage of some of the many writers connected to Inishowen and the North West border region of Ireland and make them more accessible and relevant to young people in the twenty first century by bringing together the multi-media and creative strands of art, music, words and film and using current computer and media technologies. ‘UNWRAPPING WORDS’ seeks to look at the diverse literary works of writers such as Joyce Cary, Frank McGuinness, Leon Uris, Brian Friel, Frank McCourt and Joseph O’Connor who are writers of international standing and who are connected in some way with Inishowen through their books, family, themes, sense of place or geographical reference in their work. The project seeks to engage with two youth groups one in Inishowen County Donegal and another in Derry City to reinterpret and contextualise this literary work in the form of a site specific mural work and to reinterpret some of the authors writings by creating and recording a contemporary rap CD inspired by the words of the writers and their local connections and also to create a short film dvd of the project. The overall project will break down in three main areas 1.Creating a site specific Literary Mural that will engage Youth Group participation through facilation/workshops and hands on creation of the mural working with local graffiti artists. There will be a seperate worshop session on 'Visual Community Identity' before the start of the mural project to allow participants to introduce each other and their community perspectives. 2. There will be two workshop music sessions with a rap artist that will create a recording and produce a rap audio CD that engages the Youth Groups with the work of the writers from this region in a contemporary fashion and will provide new multi-media skill sets for those involved that will include audio recording, editing and production techniques using adobe audition software to produce a high quality CD in a professional studio setting. There will be also be an initial rap workshop at the begining of the project to explore the importance and use of language within communities in a post conflict society and the idea of identity in the context of the Irish border region. 3. The various elements of the project will be filmed using workshops to train members from both youth groups to document visually the overall outcome of the ‘UNWRAPPING WORDS’ project and to produce a short film dvd for presentation using computer software technology. ‘UNWRAPPING WORDS’ is an exciting opportunity for young people to participate in an innovative project in the creative arts in a fun and supportive environment that allows them to connect with a local cultural literary heritage in a contemporary manner using new skill sets in multi-media and the creative strands of art, music, words and film and using current computer and media technologies. The project sets out to engage two groups by using communication methodologies as a field of study whilst having fun directing the content to reflect their own interests and passions using talented, exciting and motivated tutors to deliver the project who are focused on making learning enjoyable as a creative alternative to the classroom model.



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