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Unterfranken belongs to Europe
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Jubi Unterfranken in Würzburg coordinates EVS projects in the region for many years. This time we decided to make a joint application for the EVS project ‘Unterfranken belongs to Europe’ that want to host five European volunteers: Jugendpflege in Bad Kissingen, Sinnbergsschule in Bad Kissingen, Kreisjugendring Würzburg, Förderzentrum in Schonungen und Jugendpflege in GoldbachThe organizations listed want to invite volunteers from Europe to bring intercultural experience in their facilities. At the same time, there will take place the intercultural opening process among young people, residents inside the institutions as well as in the communities through the contact with the volunteers. The volunteers themselves will learn how diversity should be achieved in reality. It is also important that the volunteers gain during their EVS experience - new skills (professional, social, linguistic, etc.) and feel more confident.The project plans to invite five volunteers in the region of Unterfranken. Almost all selected volunteers havefound the EVS opportunities on the Internet (, Youth Networks ', Findevs' Facebook groups, etc.). Together with the projects we have called the candidates. For us, their motivation was important, why they want to participate in the actual project.The Förderzentrum in Schonungen would like to invite a volunteer from France for 11 months from (01.09.2016 bis 31.07.2017). The sending organisation EUROCIRCLE will support the volunteer. The young person will work with children and youth with disabilities and help them during the school and free time. The youth care in Bad Kissingen would like to host this year a young person from Georgia (from August 2016 till end of July 2017 – 12 months). The sending organisation DRONI will support and prepare the volunteer. The volunteer will help from Monday till Friday in the Youth Centre in Bad Kissingen. In the summer it is possible to organize free time for youth at the active playground.The city Goldbach would like to invite a volunteer from France (from September 2016 for 12 months). The person will be supported by the MJC Vire from France. The volunteer will help during the after school activities as well as in the Youth Centre in Goldbach.The Kreisjugendring Würzburg would like to continue to cooperate with the sending organisation from Olomouc (United Games of Nations) and invite a young volunteer from Czech Republic for 12 months (from July 2016 till the end of June 2017). The volunteer will support the daily work in the office of the KJR and the upcoming projects.The Sinnbergsschule in Bad Kissingen chose a person from Ukraine for the next EVS project starting in September 2016 till July 2017 (10 months). The sending organisation ‚SOCIETY INITIATIVES INSTITUTE‘ will support that person to participate in the project. The volunteer will be involved in additional activities for the children and youth in the school (sports, language, art) and will support the team. Each volunteer will take get a free accommodation, insurance, food and pocket money, local transport, participation in EVS seminars, international travel costs part, language course and will receive a license of the ‘Online Linguistic Support’. As well they will be work-related intercultural, pedagogical, linguistic, psychological etc.).All those involved in this project hosting organisations have decided to cooperate with the coordinating organization – Jubi Unterfranken. The organization also cooperates with IN VIA e.V., which also coordinates EVS projects in the region. The two coordinators take care that all the volunteers from Unterfranken get in contact. Once a month will take place an official meeting for all the volunteers with the two coordinators - they go hiking or cook together, etc. The meetings are important in order to strengthen the network in the region.We expect the the organisations through EVS will get more intercultural dimension. Volunteers should bring refreshing new ideas, different experiences, approaches and perspectives there. The children and adolescents but also the inhabitants * inside the communities are open through regular contact with European volunteers from Europe, more curious about new things. The five volunteers should learn to work as a team, to improve new methods of working with young people and with people with disabilities to be more self-confident and independent, to improve their foreign language skills etc. For us is also important the networking between the institutions and volunteers in Unterfranken. The institutions should continue to host European volunteers, especially the newly accredited, should continue to be interested by this experience for the Erasmus program +. Thanks to the direct contact with the European volunteer we expect local young people to go abroad (for EVS, internships, au pair, etc.). The coordinating organization is also Eurodesk partner and volunteers will assist them in informative events.



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