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Univr Fashion Week - Summer School on the Fashion Industry in the European Union
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Univr Fashion Week contemplates the creation of a one-week long summer school on ‘The Fashion Industry in the European Union’ to be held at the Law Department of the University of Verona.The teaching activities will be directed at undergraduates, young graduates and practitioners qualified in legal and economic studies, with the aim of enhancing their knowledge of EU law and providing them with cross-sectorial training. In fact, the students will also cover fashion-related issues from a more practical angle by means of specific workshops run by professionals working in the industry.The academic added value of the project will be ensured by the involvement of young academics among the teaching staff, thus offering them the opportunity to study and research a particular branch of EU studies in more depth, as well as strengthening their professional qualification.The implementation of such a project will present the opportunity to promote a further development of EU studies within the Law Dept., in cooperation with other universities. Also, a closer interaction between academics, legal practitioners and small and medium-sized enterprises in the Veneto Region will be achieved. In this regard, one-month long internships in legal offices of fashion companies and legal/tax accountants firms will be offered to selected students. This will therefore allow the promotion of future career possibilities in the fashion industry and to increase employability.In order to give visibility to the project, comprehensive dissemination is envisaged. In particular, a launching conference for the summer school will be held every year. In addition, both academic and policy outputs will be planned. On the one hand, a monographic issue of the e-journal Papers di diritto europeo based on the summer school programme will be published every year and, on the other, a policy brief addressed to EU and national policymakers will be produced following the completion of the project.