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University support for research and development in industry (R&D Industry)
Date du début: 31 août 2010, Date de fin: 30 août 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our main objective is to contribute to the efficient technology and knowledge transfer from university to industry for increasing economic growth. R&D Industry aims at SMEs, which are unable to achieve proper knowledge transfer from university due to their limited resources. We will identify SMEs R&D lacks and support them to benefit from newest university´s research achievements. In addition, the developed platform and networking activities will strengthen the university-SME cooperation. Achievements: State of the art of project implementation since the project startR&D Industry aims at facilitating and improving technology transfer by means of various tools used simultaneously. The tools used are following: 1. SMEs analysis: Each partner is conducting the analysis, which identify needs and problems of SMEs. The analyses are followed by suggestions and recommendations in order to address the needs and problems identified. A follow-up analysis revealed the particularities of each region, which will be presented in a joint overview. (all partners selected at leat 100 SMEs, from which 40 were selected for further analyses and 20 are provided for comparative transnational analysis) 2. Networking activities: a/Research breakfasts, b/Meetings of researchers and SMEs, c/Best Researcher Award events (several events implemented by each partner) 3. R&D Platform is the product for establishing support for long term R&D collaboration between Public Research Organizations and SMEs, and it is now in testing phase in order to overcome unpleasant bugs and floss.Latest project activities and outputs1 meeting organized at which all project partners were present. We discussed managerial as well as other project-related issues. In order to promote the project 3 roll-ups were designed. The Component establishing Transnational Cooperation primarily focuses on development, verification and application of the web-based platform. In October the workshop on use of the platform for all partners took place and at present the connections to other systems are tested, as well the platform in general by different types of users. In the component Strengthening University-SME cooperation all partners selected and analyzed the second cycle of 20 SMEs. At the moment the monitoring and mapping of the gathered information is in preparation. Regarding the component Network we organized several Research Breakfasts, several meetings with SMEs and 2 -Best Researcher Award- events, accompanied by press conferences and/or press releases. The project's results were capitalized within project proposal for the capitalization call.Next key steps for the project- Partners' meeting in Avignon in April 2013. - R&D Industry platform: - testing, - update of Manuals, - issuing Manuals and translation to English - possible updates and improvements on the platform. - Monitoring and mapping of results gathered by



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