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Date du début: 4 août 2015, Date de fin: 3 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The UNITI NEI BALCANI project was born from the experience of the three organisations in the field of social exclusion, marginalisation and poverty. The project involves four volunteers that will carry out the European Voluntary Service for three months: two in a Family Home in Shkoder (Albania), and two in the Therapeutic Community "Queen of Peace" in Vrgorac, Croatia. The two structures, belonging to the network of the Association Pope John XXIII Community, provide concrete answers to the problems of social exclusion, such as addiction and youth disadvantages. The project aims to promote solidarity and the interaction among cultures, allowing volunteers to spread the values of participation and active citizenship promoted by the Erasmus + and that are the basis of the European cohesion. The direct involvement of volunteers in activities for other young people at risk of social exclusion will enable young volunteers to get directly involved in the fight against exclusion and marginalisation. Thanks to the contributions of volunteers, in fact, in the two host organizations there will be an expansion in the number and a better quality of leisure and recreational activities that will also involve the local community. The involvement of young volunteers will be an aded value not only in the daily activities of the two hosting organisations, but also to the small local community where the volunteers will live, and in which they will also have the opportunity to help those most in difficulties and at risk of marginalization. The project will give to the volunteers the opportunity to develop and acquire different skills and abilities, particularly mutual learning and capabilities relevant to their personal and professional training.



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