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United Eyes and Ears
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

United Eyes and Ears is a youth exchange who opens up the opportunity to create a link between a local group of five youngsters with 15 young people from Finland , Turkey and Macedonia , to discover the festivities of their rural area. In the heart of « Rouergue » , which is located in the region « Midi-Pyrénées » , these 20 young Europeans , who are accompagnied by five leaders will focus on the local cultural events which are organized by volunteers. (festival Lenga Viva, Lez'art festival, the boules competition, a local hamlet feast, an exposition of vintage vehicles). Lead by a professional, the group will direct a movie about this civil involvement with its big cultural diversity and finally present it to the village of 700 inhabitants. Moreover, the numerous artists will be present and the event locations will be beautifuly decorated with upcycled materials. The personal and collective creativity of the participants will be expanded through workshops and the shooting of a shortfilm. The learning of technical skills in image processing and the use of multi-media tools will be supported by professional technicians who work for the concerts . This support will help to reflect and create a link between the freedom of expression and the objectivity of media. The specifications in term of safety on festive events will naturally promote interrogation into notions of collective and individual freedom & respect for others, as well as oneself. A time for recreational exchange will be organised, with the aim of making adolescents aware of the risks they are often confronted with. therefore abording ideas of physical well-being.This will be supported by creative culinary workshops,sensatizing them to the benefits of a balanced diet & regular physical activity. Anchored within popular education for the last 10 years, the organization Citrus, regional delegation of Solidarités Jeunesse in the Midi Pyrenées and its three european partner organizations, will be the hosts for these events, the springboard for these multiple cultural exchanges ,culminating in the projection of the recently accomplished short film at the beginning of the concert on the 25th of July 2015,which will take place in the heart of the village of Laguepie. An International meal at the end of the stay will allow the participants to present each of their respective countries. For the local population who will have had many occasions to interact with the group, the pleasure of discovery of other cultures will no doubt resonate for a long time. This19 day trip will be filled with opportunities to learn about working and living together through personal and collective growth,the notion of the position of the individual and his impact on society will be privaliged. It will be the future generations who will guide our society ,the position of the individual and the management of our ressources. United Eyes & Ears wishes to provide the tools necessary to encourage critical debate and to lead towards the establishment of world peace and tolerance.



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