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Unión Europea, profesores y alumnos en el siglo XXI: nuevos retos para una formación desde las nuevas tecnologías
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objectives of this project are: 1. To help visualizing the EU and the European integration within the framework of secondary school studies; 2. To help with the academic/teaching training of our young people; 3. To encourage the debate concerning current and relevant matters linked to the work of the EU.These are to be achieved through: 1. A specialized course/seminar with secondary school teachers titled “European Union in Secondary School: The EU 4 key aspects in a nutshell” (two on-site and two online sessions); 2. Promoting the signature of agreements/covenants with the education authorities; 3. Organizing a cycle of conferences and round-tables (“Current Issues of the EU integration”); 4. Gathering through a collective paper, an ebook, a website and the teaching materials the conclusions drawn from seminars, conferences and round-tables. The results should materialize in the following aspects: 1. Maintenance agreements with the Basque education authorities and the inclusion of training courses in lifelong training courses for teachers; 2. Creating materials adapted to teachers and secondary school students, in physical and digital format, in both co-official languages of the Basque Country; 3. Releasing academic papers that deal with current topics within the European Union’s work scope; 4. Updating the reference website; 5. The progressive development of on-site attendance courses based on ICT.The impact expected is clear: achieving the necessary visualization of the European integration within the Basque education syllabus. To sum up, the creation of different materials and teaching training courses on the subject responds to a need of innovation not only due to the total absence of such elements in the Basque education system but also due to the fact that teaching is mainly performed in Basque. In turn, the contact with education authorities and teachers will allow a clear cross-fertilization that will be beneficial for the education system.