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Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main focus in recent years has been to improve young people's participation in all of Samfés activities. The involvement of young people formally began with the establishment of Samfés Youth Council ten years ago. The young people used to give their opinion on various topics but have since then evolved into young people at the heart of the decision-making for the organization.During the last two General Assemblies of Samfés a member of the Youth Council was elected to the board of Samfés, first year as a substitute but now the vice president of the association.The organizations objective is that young people gain further opportunities to become key players in the decision-making in the organization. Samfés mainly focuses on youth and youth participation.The project "Youth for Youth" is designed as a holistic project for Samfés Youth Council where events, meetings, workshops and tasks of the Youth Council are weaved into a single project. The main goal is to further focus on peer education and find ways for young people to have more impact on the activities of Samfés and all topics of young people in our society.Samfés Youth General Assembly and the Youth Parliament/Congress of Young People in October is the center of gravity in this project with democratic elections of representatives from all regions and peer education. Ideas emerge during the parliament of what matters to young people and what topics should be a priority in our society. These ideas are then processed by the Youth Council which find ways to voice those ideas to the appropriate authority for success.The Youth Council consists of 18 representatives from nine districts, but nine deputies are also elected each year. Each representative is elected for a two years term so every year new nine members join the Council and nine leave. Teenagers in 8th – 10th grade are eligible candidates so the Youth Council consists of teenagers from the age 13 – 18 year olds. This winter two former representatives who have already served two years term are to be mentors to the Council as an innovative approach to peer education. During the Youth Parlaiment there will be 100 young people taking part in active discussions where they have the opportunity to express their views.By implementing the project „Young people for young people“ we believe that young people can express their views and opinions and have a much greater impact on decision-making in matters which matter to them in our society. It‘s likely that young people find that they can have an impact on what matters and there for should the social responsibility of young people rise. This development will increase the opportunities for young people to have an impact in their own community in the future.