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Une Europe des métiers : histoire et avenir
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

How to allow the pupils to start thinking by themselves about their vocational guidance and path at the end of secondary school, to support them in their personal draft, taking care of the European framework . This is the thematic in which we'll try to find innovating solutions, thanks to this draft. Vocational guidance at the end of secondary school is often misunderstood by a certain number of pupils and parents. The goal is also to help the pupils to perceive their "pupil's job" in a different way, to be able to look forward and plan their "student's job", to become aware of the fact that The European Union allows many mobilities in this framework, to open their minds to history and culture, so to get enriched thanks to the differences of the other European partners. By their specificities, the schools from the other European partners have been chosen in the way that they are different but complementary at the same time. The pupils ( 4 groups of 20 pupils in eache country )will be at the heart of all activities and will participate to the performance appraisal of this draft. We don't want them to feel obliged to make a choice about their future career but we wish to support them in their individualized career path, to lead them to enlarge their vision of what studies are so as their vocational path. As for concrete results at the end of this project, each student will have their own European orientation log ( business cards , business addresses, tools for writing a cover letter , European mobility ... ) and his own book " Petit futé " (European partners' vocabulary, common expressions , articles about countries , recipes ... ) The results and the productions of pupils will be spread and published online regularly, in institutions, and will be distributed at the Erasmus parties in the presence of different parties involved . In the long term , the teams hope that a real dynamic mobility ( training , students, language exchange ) snaps into place between institutions



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