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Une année de volontariat européen au service des autres
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

VISA-AD is a non profit Union of Associations that, since its setting up in 1959, has been offering to young people a formative experience by engaging in a voluntary service project of discovery, experimentation and self-construction.The volunteer in the retirement home Bordeaux Bagatelle will share her time in 2 places, which will favorize cultural and relational diversity.In the Relais Home, the action of the volunteer aims to enable older people to maintain contact with ordinary life and maintain some autonomy. She will participate in animation and in everyday life, as well as various cultural actions promptly offered by the institution.In the social center, her presence will allow children or adults to attend the meeting and to discover a new culture, making up a personal enrichment for both the volunteer and the public.The young people that will participate to this project do not have a specific profile, except their motivation to live an experience of social solidarity and peace in an intercultural context.Supporting young European volunteers means for us to give them the opportunity to experience life outside their usual boundaries, based on values of European and even worldwide citizenship construction. They contribute through their action to make Europe closer to people, to break down barriers of intolerance and mistrust and build a Europe strong of solidarity and sharing. Working together to build a more solid basis for Europe. To allow young people, through a voluntary service project, to discover other cultures for their own experience, but also to develop national and international relationships which objective is peace and justice. It’s reminding them through the EVS, the values of tolerance, solidarity, responsibility and mutual respect as the basis of our social life and the European Political project.We can see year after year, with these young Europeans who will have to be makers of tomorrow in our society, the achievements of their volunteer experience:- a non-formal professional experience and intercultural learning, by facilitating social integration and discovery of community life, by getting involved, which will help them making future human, citizens and professional choices- a contribution to the development of local communities - a communication about the European programs through their testimonies- a necessary follow-up that makes us discuss the experiences of other organizations. - The development of networks of associations in France and abroad. - a training in the citizenship consciousness that goes beyond interests .- more maturity and more confidence to undertake and to go ahead in life.



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