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Understanding the Beats!
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aimed to encourage young people coming from different challenged backgrounds to engage themselves in international activities that give them positive experiences from different cultures through arts. The project offered the young people a possibility for promoting intercultural dialogue, personal development of young people and mutual understanding between young people from around Europe. In order to walk towards this aim, the concrete objectives were tackled to: - Bring young people together in a safe environment to learn from each others cultures and traditions and “perform together” - Getting empowered through learning about musical and artistic expression - Learning about cultural habits and history of different countries - Learning to work in an international group in order to create a performance as one group as a result The main activity of the project was a 7-day youth exchange between the 3 partner countries (Potugal, Romania, Finland) in Valongo Portugal from 23nd - 29th of march 2016. The Youth exchange brought together 36 young people + 2 leaders per country to learn from each other, using music and rhythm (and other arts) as a method of youth work. The first 2 days of the activity will focused on the objective of bringing people together in a safe environment and getting to know each other. The middle part of the activity then focused on the cultural backgrounds and learning to play together, leading in to a performance (concert) in the end of the youth exchange. This project offered youngsters the possibility to get in touch with their own traditions, to discover the folkloric beauty and riches, to learn more about the differences and similarities of the traditions and Finland's and Portugal's traditional customs.



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