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Under the same European sky, how weather and life are different for you and I.
Date de fin: 1 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project "Under the same European sky, how weather and life are different for you and I" aims to break down borders between countries, make friendships, gain understanding of cultures, languages and educational experiences through the study of weather. 2500 people (pre-primary and primary pupils and teachers) from eight schools, drawn from all corners of Europe (Cyprus, Spain, England, Finland, Poland, Germany, Austria and France) will carry out a series of collaborative activities, which will promote the diversity and variety of climates and associated ways of living. The theme of weather will support and enrich the ongoing curricular work in each school. Our project is inclusive of all pupils, regardless of gender, ability, religion or socio-economic background, through their active participation. Each school aims to involve also the parents and the local community during the progress and development of the project. Enthusiasm for the project will be maintained between each mobility through email, post, video conferencing and the project website, encouraging relationships at all levels. The progress of the project will be evaluated by each school separately and by all schools jointly in the project meetings. The main final end product will be a yearbook -a geographical atlas- which will follow the travels of our common mascot to each country over the course of twelve months and will reflect all the joint activities over the lifetime of the project, opening the readers' eyes to the impact the weather has on our way of life. Accompanying this, a teacher resource pack will be compiled with the materials used during the workshops delivered at each mobility. These end products will be produced and disseminated amongst the local stake-holder community.



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