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Under The Rainbow
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of Under the Rainbow Project is to develop the youth’s tolerance against different elements in society and give them a critical point of view. In our opinion, the issues of enhancing awareness of the youth and raising a tolerant new generation come to the forefront as a privilege in order to build healthy societies. As a Mesopotamian city where groups of different languages, religions and ethnicity live together, Mardin is one of the best examples where the concept of being able to live together can be learned and experienced. Taking the region's climate conditions and tourism dynamism into consideration, main activity dates of our youth exchange program planned for these purposes were set as 23 September-1 October 2016 including travelling days. Under the Rainbow Project will bring together 25 participants, consisting of 25 young people from 5 different countries and one youth leader for each group. We will host 27 members of staff including the trainer and logistics/technical support officer. The participants will be young people between ages 18 and 30, coming from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds/representing minorities in common countries. It is aimed that the participants uncover new information, competences and experiences with their own studies, as well as via communication and sharing processes with their peers, on the basis of learning with informal and non-formal education methods. Apart from new learning and experiences, the activities, which are planned to direct and guide the participants, are aimed to have effects of enhancing self-confidence and motivation of the participants. Main activities of the project will include creating a critical point of view, solution-oriented activities, cross-cultural sharing, sharing and increasing good examples, face-to-face contact via street activities, cultural introduction activities, visits to competent authorities, games that enhance creativity and thought, brainstorming, case studies and creative drama activities. It is aimed to increase the youth’s awareness in issues such as the contents of cultural diversity concept, its importance in community life, what the community can gain if differences are looked at from the right perspective, struggle with hate speeches/crimes, internalization of human rights against alienation and all kinds of discrimination, and to create a broad-based effect by reflecting appropriate attitudes and behaviours into daily life, therefore sharing and increasing them. In consequence of communication networks to be formed between the participating young people, it is anticipated that new ideas, sharing and projects will be produced for future actions related to the young. The province of Mardin, which will find the opportunity to introduce and make a name for itself within the scope of dissemination activities, will be also able to reach the local people and youth by taking the advantage of hosting the project.



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