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Unborder your way!
Date du début: 15 août 2015, Date de fin: 14 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Belarus Watch is a non-governmental organisation that generates and promotes new ideas and initiatives for projects related with freedom of movement, volunteer work and civic activism. One of the main areas of its activity is mobility issues between European Union and non-EU countries, mainly Belarus. Since 2011 we are conducting a “Visa Free” public campaign aimed at raising awareness about visa and mobility issues, fostering cooperation processes within European youth, encouraging mobility of young people and development of strong volunteer community. "Unborder your way!" project comes from our wish to share the accumulated knowledge about topics of migration and visa facilitation processes within Europe, public campaigning as a powerful tool for raising awareness about these topics with the participants from our partnner organisations. This mobility project deals with the topics of existing borders (mainly visa walls) that create barriers for mobility and cooperation within Europe, problems of migration processes. The main objectives of the project are to provide the participants with knowledge and deeper look into the topic of migration and barriers for mobility in Europe, to develop their capabilities to act actively and take responsibility for “unbordering” their own ways, to give them practical skills and tools of public campaigning that can be used for raising awareness about these issues in the future and spread among young people they work with, to strengthen mutual understanding between people from different cultural and social backgrounds, to promote the feeling of belonging to the society (at local and European levels), to give motivation and tools for spreading the ideas tackled during the training, to raise awarenes about these issues in the society. The training took place between 25 and 31 of October 2015 in Javoriskes in Lithuania and gathered together 26 people involved in the youth work from Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia, France, Moldova and Poland who are motivated to discover new perspectives of the topic of mobility and migration and to spread the knowledge and skills acquired during the training further to the young people they work with and by raising awareness in their countries through conducting future projects. The main objectives of the roject were be met by carrying out the training course for youth workers. The training course includes the following main activities: - interactive participative workshops devoted to reflecting on the topics of mobility and migration; - informal intercultural learning through exchange about the cultures of one's own country; - expert workshops dedicated to the topics of public campaigning, migration issues, visa liberalisation processes between the EU and Eastern Partnership countries; - practical implementation of acquired during the training knowledge and skills taking a form of group work on designing and launching mini public campaigns dedicated to the specific issue connected with the topics of mobility and migration; - creative workshop resulting in creating the symbols of freedom of movement. The working methods include interactive activities, role-play workshops, simulation games, case-study workshops, debates, group work. We will apply a participative and learner-centred approach, meaning that each participant will be motivated to contribute to designing the learning process ensuring its best possible quality and efficiency. After taking part in this project the participants gained the knowledge and deeper understanding of the topic of migration and freedom of movement in Europe. They obtained practical skills and tools of public campaigning that can be used for raising awareness about these issues in the future and spread among young people they work with. The intercalural aspect of the training course developed their capabilities to have an open mind for integration, tolerance and stereotypes free thinking. The sustainability of the project impact is ensured by continuing development of further initiatives. Dissemination of project results creates a base for the possible change of the policies, changing the stereotypes of people and raising awareness about mobility and migration issues, possibilities and outcomes of the Erasmus+ programme. It reenforced the mutual understanding and new ways of cooperation between countries and individuals, helped identifying and promoting the common European values of justice, inclusion and equality. The results and best practices of the project will become a basis for creating more European initiatives and projects aiming at promotion of these values bringing the multiple effect the the project and the programme.



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