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Una Chance per Tutti 2
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Una Chance per Tutti 2" (a Chance for All 2) is both, the title and the theme, of the second edition of the Erasmus + KA1 - mobility for young people with fewer opportunities, which has as central theme social inclusion. Five European associations with many years of experience in project management of EVS, want to give the opportunity to 24 young people from difficult background, with disadvantages of different types (economic, social, familial, geographic, and other) to actively participate in the creation of their future. The applicant is Association culturale Link from Italy and the partners are Keric from Slovakia, EFM from Poland, Letra Cooperativa Cultural CRL from Portugal and creACTive from Macedonia. The project will start in August 2015 and will end in November 2016, during which will be held 6 EVS activities and an Advanced Planning Visit in Italy, participated by one coordinator of each partner. The EVS mobilities have a duration of one month in Italy (with two streams of 6 and 9 volunteers from the partner countries) and two months in Slovakia, Portugal, Poland by sending one or two young Italians. In Macedonia instead will be four young volunteers sent out from Italy for a duration of two months. All volunteers will be involved in local volunteering activities (creative workshops, environmental activities, entertainment activities for youth and children, promotion of volunteering etc.) and bring European added value in peripheral regions not only geographically talking, but also culturally and socially, gioving the chance to approach Europe. "Una Chance per Tutti 2" arose from the need to implement inclusion projects for young people with fewer opportunities, offering mobility projects tailored to their expectations, skills and background. The partnership aims to give visibility to local and international stakeholders with moments of targeted promotion and local events organized by and with the volunteers themselves, so as the writing of articles on the web in the Blog of the project.



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