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Un voyage à travers les langages...
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This is a personal and collective project that involves all the teaching staff even if only three teachers ( two teaching in level 3 and one in kindergarten ) ask to do internships in the UK and Ireland to complete their training. These courses will allow us to progress in the practice of our profession, to train ourselves to new technologies, evolve with changes of society , while they are information vector for school teaching staff as well as for future teachers and children. The goal of our project is to deepen the teaching 21st century skills , use eTwinning in the school every day to use different types of cooperation and useful classroom communication. We work in the school equipped with computers and internet, where teachers are already using many ICT tools . We would like to deepen the knowledge of its tools and develop the international dimension of the school via the eTwinning platform, extend the teaching of English in all classes of the school. "Nothing develops intelligence as the trip" wrote Emile Zola. All teachers at the school are aware that in today's world travel does not necessarily mean taking the train or plane and move from one place to another. You can travel through foreign countries while remaining in its class, using new technologies and speaking a language other than their own with our friends elsewhere. We believe that children even more than adults have the ability to use new technologies. They naturally want to communicate and discover the world. Progress and prowess of virtual meetings through images and texts don't surpise them. From kindergarten until CM2 children are motivated by the novelty and communication via new technologies. Teachers should follow their impulses and motivation, improving their tools and creating others to be comfortable in their classes and not feel overwhelmed by the world which is progressing steadily. Share with our European colleagues via the eTwinning platform means continue to work on our class projects by giving them a new life. Create a collective story or an interactive book with pupils in a class is already very interesting, create it with friends from a remote class of 500 km will be exciting and certainly rewarding for all participants of the project. Improve our level of English and meet European colleagues through mobility in London, Oxford and Dublin will help us better organize the teaching of English throughout the school and extend it to all classes. Know the specific working methods for the very young audience, through training in Oxford and Dublin in particular, will allow us to also begin this teaching in kindergarten. In the short term this will allow our pupils to improve their foreign language and pass the A1 certificate before entering college. In the long term they will develop self-confidence and develop social and civic competences. Working in cooperation, they will develop solidarity, openness and tolerance towards other cultures, religions, customs. Each "small project" conducted in this spirit will carry a message of peace and hope throughout the world.