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Un SVE au CRIJ : animations Europe et Mobilité
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Regional Youth Information Center will host 1 volunteer, Monika Spiekermann, for a 10 months long activity (01.10.15 - 31.07.16) Context The volunteering activity will be hosted and coordinated by the CRIJ (Regional Youth Information Centre) in Caen, a non profit association providing a free, confidential information service to young people and those who work with them on a wide range of subjects including careers, education, employment matters, rights and entitlements, leisure, sport, travel and European opportunities. The CRIJ is also part of the Europe Direct and the Eurodesk networks. The European volunteer will be part of the Europe Direct Unit in charge of European and international issues in the CRIJ: information about the European Union, its specific working, its policies, with a priority given to the Erasmus+ programme and international mobility opportunities for young people. The volunteer would be and added value to this mission since he would be a personal example of what this programme offers for youth mobility and should contribute to a better information peer to peer. Coordination: The project is coordinated by the CRIJ, in collaboration with the austrian sending organization 4YOUgend, also part of the Eurodesk network, and which was in contact with Monika. 4YOUgend has a long experience in managing EVS projects. This partnership is new, and both organizations has undersigned a partnership convention. Support: 2 people in the Europe Direct staff: the chief in charge of the activities and the mentor. Both of them are previous European volunteers. One external mentor, also a previous Volunteer. Locati Our association is located in the city centre of Caen, the regional capital of lower-Normandy (FRANCE). The CRIJ aims at providing information to young people all over the lower-Normandy; its action covers the whole regional territory. The volunteer may have to join CRIJ actions taking place out of the city, or organized directly by other local youth information points located all over the region. Practical arrangements: The volunteer will stay in a student dormitory, she will be able to use the public transport and to enjoy the proximity of all services he/she needs. She will get a french bank account, all allowances will be deposited directly on it. Activity time: Activity 35hours/ week including language course, and personal project. -2 successive days off per week and 2.5 days off/ month (= 25 days in totality for a 10 month voluntary experience). Proposed activities The European volunteer will be part of the Europe Direct Unit; Her activities will match the three differents missions of the Europe unit and supported by the staff: Information: dissemination and production of documentary publications, radio programme on European news, website moderation etc. Organization: participation to, or organization of public events (festivals, meetings, debates…) specific activities (in schools, at the university), information sessions on European policies and opportunities, training of local information centres in Basse-Normandie coordinated by the CRIJ, by youth workers and teachers on European and mobility issues. Support: individual answers to mobility questions, support to European project management, to partnership building and to events organization on European issues. Expected results and impact: - development of new competences and autonomy from the volunteer, that could enrich her personal future projects. - development of a peer to peer information about international mobility that could have a more important impact on the young people of our territory. - make this experience an example to make some professional stakeholders aware of the programme and to encourage them to getting involved in such a project - enable the Europe Direct staff to learn from this coordination experience about the management of Erasmus+ projects in order to improve the quality of the technical support given to emerging Erasmus+ projects in the region.



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