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Üstün Yetenekli Öğrencilerin Tespiti ve Özel Eğitim Önlemleri
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The need of qualified human power for the development of countries is an undeniable reality. Gifted children who are seen as a human source of countries will be driving power in development if they have the education they need. Gifted children form an important group among students who need special education and have different needs. Gifted children are in need of comprehensive education programmes which are not provided by way of normal programmes and guidance. It is known that the rate of gifted children whose rate in formal education is not underrated at all in a school is 3-10%. It is important the determination and identification of the children mentioned. For this reason, in order to be able to determine gifted children and understand their needs, teachers must be informed. Although it seems simple at first glance, teachers’ noticing gifted children in normal classes, noticing; the people who will notice must have a certain education. We would like to perform teacher trainings about education of gifted children in Portugal, Germany and Netherland to apply models and programmes which are accepted internationally in our country, gain foreign source and materials to our country. Our most important needs are identifying gifted children, informing teachers who will work with them, increasing their competences and learning special education precautions in Europe. In this sense, main objectives we would like to reach are: - To increase teacher and directors’ knowledge on the subject of education and teaching of gifted children, - To be able to determine gifted children and direct them properly, - To guide families by informing them about the qualities and education of gifted individuals, - To increase social awareness about gifted ones, - To contribute to determine national standards for the education of gifted ones, - To contribute development of activity and materials for gifted ones, - To learn special education precautions and educational politics for supporting gifted students, - To create opportunities for gifted students to be able to improve their ability and skills, - To visit institutions giving education to gifted students and examine on site, - To increase teachers’ quality and features, - To provide teachers to gain awareness on Europeannes and multiculturalism. We would like to implement our project in accordance with stated these objectives, disseminate it in national and international dimension. The target group of our project is teachers and primary school teachers in our school. So, students and families who are the population in relation to this target group are among our target group. The effects of our project on these target groups will be great. From now on, teachers will feel the excitement of working together for the success of students and institution in their hearts by considering the advantage and status in society by working in our school. They will be able to make studies to determine gifted children and their competence of deciding scientifically will improve. Students’ potential they have will come along, their dependence and love towards school will increase. So, families will also feel the confidence of working together with the school. Trainings abroad will be performed in 3 flows in our project. The order of the flows is Netherland, Germany and Portugal. Our participants will get 10 day trainings in Portugal, Germany and Netherland except for the duration of return. Our participants will also have school visits and follow up activities during trainings. 8 staff will attend in each of the mobilities. The language of communication in project will be English and our English teachers will also participate in the mobilities. In order to increase participants’ English level, an English course will be opened in our school. After the trainings, in the light of gained information, applications and activities will be performed in our school. 2 seminars at a time for teachers and families will be organised. At the end of the project a project book called ‘’Determining Gifted Children and Special Education Precautions’’ will be prepared and dissemination will be provided. Dissemination activities will go on during the project, news reports, poster, board, video, media tools, banners, announcing tools will be used almost in every level of our project. Our project aims to create a national awareness in the long run. So, we would like to continue our studies by cooperating with all state institutions and organisations, universities, NGOs.



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