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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “We learn and teach in the European way” presupposes the execution of the European Plan of the School Development. The main purpose of the project is the execution of the EPSD which means turning our students into highly qualified technical personnel, ready to study at the best universities or to start working on the European job market. Therefore we strive for a guarantee of the European quality of the education. 27 teachers are taking part in this project One of the assumptions of the plan is raising communication skills in English of our teachers, teaching both, general and vocational subjects. To guarantee this competence is the key skill of our teachers, who will give lessons in the CLIL system in the future. In this group there are vocational and general subjects teachers, who have some basic knowledge of English, and the participation in the project will influence the level of their communication skills. Among them there are very active teachers teaching subjects such as Mathematics, Geography, Cultural Education and Introduction to Entrepreneurship. The vocational subjects teachers have to use some English professional vocabulary during their lessons therefore the improvement in their language competence will result with the increase of their professional prestige. The basis of teaching subjects such as Information Technology, Electronics or Aviation Mechanics is reading some teaching materials in English. Using them freely by our teachers, and consequently by students, will help us unit our educational process with the European Qualifications Framework. Participating in Bi-Component mobilities will secure the preparation of our personnel in terms of the language skills as well as teaching methods In addition, the project actions will aim to raise the quality of our pedagogical and educational effects on students. The search for new activating methods, which will strengthen educational effects, the improvement in the daily attendance at school, better external exams results and preparing well- qualified technical staff are the priorities of our Plan of the Development English language teachers will be provided with the newest methods of teaching a foreign language and they will get the support in teaching the professional language. 6 teachers will take part in the trainings for foreign languages teachers. To guarantee high academic standards our teachers have written a script for the professional English language, which will be updated and enriched with new materials gained during the training sessions 5 Polish language teachers and librarians will broaden their knowledge about the intercultural influence and they will use their experience to make the students realize they are the citizens of Europe with retaining their cultural distinction and patriotic feelings. A special division with English language literature is planned to be created in the school library The project also assumes the improvement in managing skills of the school management staff in relation to both, managing the institution and gaining funds by means of the participation in other projects The selection of the trainings’ subject matter is done in a close correlation with the school requirements and its future vision. Monitoring the project will provide full utilization of the staff activity and will satisfy their professional needs. The participation in interesting mobilities counteracts the burnout effect and encourages other teachers to be more active. Establishing new international contacts, the integration of the project’s participants will result with better cooperation, both- internal and external, as well. The synergy effect will arise and it will influence the education results Ensuring the competitiveness on the educational market, the concern about high academic standards, supporting students at various levels of their development will be executed by means of the improvement in the teachers’ qualifications. The experience gained by the teachers and established new contacts will result with the participation in other European projects, participating students in international competitions and contests more commonly than so far. All this will increase the teachers’ and students’ confidence. Speaking foreign languages will enable them the access to new possibilities of their self-realization. The execution of the project’s assumptions will benefit in various ways:it will raise the prestige of the school in the region, it will attract the most talented candidates for students, it will provide them with the education at the level of European academic standards and prepare them to study at reputable universities (particularly the technical ones) in the country as well as abroad. In the long term our graduates will fill the European market as highly qualified technical staff requested on the job market, which will result with decrease in the unemployment among young people and will enable their constant development