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"Ucz się, ćwicz, pracuj - zagraniczne praktyki jako sposób na rozwój lokalnych przedsiębiorstw"
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Learn, practice, work – foreign practices as a way for the development of local business.” concerns apprenticeships for students of 3rd class of technical school, profiles: automotive technician, mechanic, electronic, electric, IT technician and digital graphic processes. The target group is 60 students divided into 3 groups - two in 2016 and the other in 2017. For two years of school, those students acquired theoretical background of professions which they are being prepared for. They have got a suitable theoretical background to take part in the practices. The curriculum of their professions include their participation in such work experience in 3rd class. The work experience will be performed in Great Britain in Portsmouth. Through the participation in such work experience, the students will improve their professional skills, acquire practical skills during performing the work in real conditions in true enterprises. They will use their theoretical knowledge acquired at school with the practical skills. Through cooperation with foreigners, they will establish new contacts for improvement of personal development. The students will improve their chance for jobs on the European labour market based on the acquired knowledge, information exchange and obtained experience. The project complies with the curriculum, and it gives a chance to acquire experience in foreign enterprises, to learn the newest technology that is not available for the youths during their practices in workshops here in Podkarpacie region, and it will make possible to know another culture than their own native culture. The additional benefit for participants taking part in foreign work experience will be the possibility to use a foreign language every day, and it will significantly improve their knowledge in that field, which is necessary nowadays. When they come back to Poland, the students will be still attending the classes of chosen professions to obtain a confirmation of their qualifications after passing the final professional exam. The skills acquired during the foreign work experience will cause that those young people will become more attractive for future employers within the local labour market, and it will provide them with a chance to apply for work abroad starting with better level of knowledge. The work experience will allow them to establish first professional contacts, which may, in the future, provide them with serious professional offers. During the free time, the participants will sightsee the neighbourhood of the place where they live, and it will enable them to get to know the culture and traditions of the foreign partners better. The activities connected with the implementation of the project include: foreign work experience in order to improve the process of professional training and make it more attractive; evaluation of the project in the form of presentations prepared by the students after they come back and as an article on the school website and in local media in order to become more popular within the local and international educational market and to improve the fame of our school; development of language skills of our students and improving their mobilisation to learn foreign languages and to obtain better school results; the visit will make the students more sensitive to other cultures, it will let them to get rid of their anticipations and will teach them to be tolerant towards other cultures. Moreover, the implementation of the project will constitute a chance to verify the educational offer of our school through the clash between the skills acquired by our students during the process of learning and the requirements of foreign employers. As a result of the project, our students will broaden their practical skills within the profession they are studying. They will improve their language and interpersonal skills. They will learn how to cooperate in the multicultural environment with people of different origin, faith or skin colour. Furthermore, they will see the newest technologies of work within the chosen professions, they will see the newest equipment of the enterprises and workshops, they will experience new culture and work organisation. Those groups are the next groups from our school visiting Portsmouth. The employers in Portsmouth have had the opportunity to cooperate with our students and they know that our students are well-prepared to work. Another group will additionally enhance that opinion on our students among the English employers. Thanks to that, in the future it will be easier for us to find partners to implement the professional work experiences and our graduates will be able to use such contacts when they will start to look for a job abroad. Moreover, the younger students will be motivated to learn, as only the best may take part in such visits, and it will influence the results achieved by the whole our school and it will improve its fame on the local educational market.



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