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Училището - ново пространство за партниране между специалисти, учители, ученици, родители и общност"
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Providing education of excellence fundamentally depends on the pedagogical staff training since only qualified, motivated and informed school staff can prepare their students for the future. Nowadays the dynamics of the changing environment revise teachers’ responsibilities and duties and bring their consciousness to new objectives which require expansion of their competences. Since the beginning of the 2012/2013 school year, ‘Vasil Levski’ Primary School became Public Community School. Consequently the school educates students from all the neighbouring places of residence in the municipality and provides all day organisation of schooling. These changes lead to increase in background and assets differences, ethnic diversity, differences in verbal communication, behavioural and daily practices, which necessitate adjusting the role and competences of the teacher. The objectives of the project at hand are interrelated with improving the qualifications of teaching staff through a number of activities to create a model of adequate and supportive environment for students with the participation of all professionals and institutions at the municipality. The project is hopeful of seven teachers’ partaking in European Workshop for sharing experience on building a multi-professional networks at schools which will enhance acquiring fresh knowledge, understanding, skills and attitude. The seminar is selected in concurrence with the identified needs and necessities of the school and community environment, that is to say the creation of supportive environment, providing best possible conditions for the development of every child’s potential respecting their social background, acquiring pace, abilities and sensitivity. This will be achieved by establishing a new efficient model of good interaction between all the parties concerned on the territory of Belene town municipality. The teachers who will participate in the mobility are selected in line with predetermined criteria and in accordance with the procedure publicity and transparency. The mobility participants will carry out theoretical, practical, linguistic and cultural preparation according to their individual action plans. The latter includes conducting a research, gathering information and preparing presentations that will be shared with participants in the European Workshop. The training is expected to help teachers acquire and improve the following competences: new teaching methods, innovative structure of teaching and learning organisation processes, self-development as well as linguistic skills. It will also enable the acquisition of knowledge, abilities and manner of cooperative work in direct interaction with all the social environment factors in order to solve the students’ school life problems. Upon their return teachers are considered to share experience with their colleagues from all the schools in the municipality, institutions working with children, parents and other involved and concerned social gatherings as well as to incorporate and adapt elements of their experience to our conditions. Acquired experience dissemination foresees preparation and printing out of a Short Handbook on Multi – Professional Networks in Bulgarian School which will be distributed among other schools across country. Its electronic version will also be available on the school website. Experience and knowledge multiplication and results dissemination along with their application in and outside ‘Vasil Levski’ Primary School in the long run will lead to improving the quality of school education and the students’ personality development processes. Hopefully, the school will turn to a new breathing space for interaction and communication between teachers, students, parents and community.