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Училище - мечта
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Very often we hear about Roma children being "uneducable". this word is embarrassing for the team of our organization and we are determined to change the status quo by supporting formal education through informal methods. Children and young people are excluded from society and are often unmotivated to quickly drop out of the educational system. The reasons for this are many, but the main one is lack of understanding of the learning materials.With the implementation of the project "School - Dream" we aim to influence the process of dropping out of school environment for children and youth of Roma and Turkish origin from the three neighborhoods of the city. They will create sustainable mechanisms for integration by creating conditions for the involvement of children in extracurricular activities to razviyaat and motivate learning. Children will be supported in language schools, studying Bulgarian language and mathematics through the use of new Roma neighborhoods model of education - Montessori method. Through the project the children will acquire creative and educational skills, teamwork, creativity and communication skills and will mostly acquire samochuvastvie. Montessori method is not used in work with Roma children and is proven the best approach for the education of children with special needs, as are bilingual children. This will be attracted specialist who worked on this method and help to create sustainable models for their children's education. The project will involve four volunteers from two of Hungary and two of Germany. Besides foreign volunteers in the project will include Bulgarian volunteers. Volunteers will meet in our organization are motivated young people who are willing to learn and work with Roma children. Volunteer from Hungary also helps older children to the opportunities offered by the program "Open Society" - Budapest yuromski Education Fund. Activities envisaged in the project are struktorirani in ways that support the educational process and reduces the number of dropouts. Puppet theater is an activity that helps language function of children develop the process of perception, retelling, in activities the children will draw their own dolls, which will contribute to their creativity. By recycling will develop fine motor skills and technical talent of the children. Training activities in foreign languages, Bulgarian language and mathematics will be implemented by the method Montessori. Will use didactic games to help the educational process. The project will contribute to the development of tolerance and understanding of differences would melt the barriers that are placed in Roma ghettos and we can work with a large number of children and youth. Shtroekta "tent" will have an impact mostly on volunteers and Roma children, because they never had the opportunity to visit schools to educate and develop them.With the implementation of the project will be created and enhanced partnership between the receiving and sending organizations, which in the long run will affect the number and quality of their future EDS projects



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