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Two-phase Acid/Gas Anaerobic Reactor for Industrial Wastewater of Food & Drink SME industries (PHASEPLIT)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

More than 99% of European Food & Drink companies are small and medium enterprises. Industrial food production generates a lot of polluting wastewater. the Urban Waste Water Directive has set strict regulations to the quality of waste water discharged from these industries to the environment. But treating wastewater is expensive. The smaller the company is, the more expensive it is to treat 1m3 of wastewater. Anaerobic treatment is an eco-efficient solution: biogas can be transformed at the Food & Drink industries in electricity and heat. Current anaerobic reactors available in the market are good but they are extremely expensive for SMEs. PhasepliT is an SME-size anaerobic wastewater reactor achieving a reduction of capital investment costs by 50% and operational costs by 30% to generate enough renewable energy from biogas to cover the reactor’s consumption and generate a surplus for the SME. Phaseplit will separate the anaerobic treatment in two-phases: acidogenic and metanogenic. 100% of current wastewater anaerobic alternatives are single-phase. This is the first time two-phase acid/gas separation will be used for wastewater treatment. We have estimated a 1.5% penetration (4,500 reactors) in the 99% SME-based Food and Drink sector by our decentralised two-phase anaerobic wastewater reactor. The potential economic impact of PhasepliT is estimated to be EUR 823 million in five years post project and after a time to market of 24 months. PhasepliT will also have a potential application in spill-over markets (chemical, pharmaceutical, textile). PhasepliT is expected to have the very significant contribution to European Objectives of EUR 329 million, by reducing organic pollution in fresh waters and contributing to the 20% of renewable energy in 2020 European objective.



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