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TUnisian Network for Employability and Development of Graduates' Skills
Date du début: 15 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 14 oct. 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Following the request of the Tunisian Ministry of HE, the project will support the ongoing reform of the HE system by the scaling up of the TEMPUS ISLAH observatory so to include the new coming universities of Tunis, Carthage, Kairouan and Sfax, in the integrated demand supply matching model, designed as to achieve the following results: -collect and analyze data on university and graduates performances -facilitate the placement of graduates in the labour market -develop monitoring tools for encouraging the application of quality assurance measures -improve internal and external efficiency of the HE system-facilitate the orientation and placement of graduates - enhance university staff’s skills on graduates’ career guidance and university-firm cooperationBenefits for graduates: - Free of charge get and use of placement services- Easy access to information on job/internship opportunities- Improve placement opportunities, career guidance and self-entrepreneurship tools - Certification of academic career- Democratic and qualified access to labour market- Opportunity to enhance their university by assessing their academic experience Benefits for firms: Availability of CV regularly updated by graduatesCV search facilities for human resource selection and recruitment purposesPossibility to check and compare profiles of graduates to hireOpportunity to provide internships/job offers Promotion of their employer branding Benefits for Universities and Ministry of HE: Obtain reliable, timely and regularly updated statistical data useful for improving educational programmes Have documentary evidence for all decisional processes and activity planning Get a comprehensive system of information for the assessment of both internal and external efficiency Promote the easiest and safe mobility of high qualified human resources Facilitate the placement of graduates in labour marketImprove their skills in terms of graduates' career guidance



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