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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

'Tubalcaín Mobility' is a project whose final aim was the improvement of IES Tubalcaín medium grade vocational students in their professional training and personal development. Once seen the training needs and the projects aims, we chose Vitalis, a German company in the city of Leipzig, as a partner company to work with, due to its experience in this kind of projects and the wide range of educational programmes for students who do an internship in the area. Our students who carried out the project studied Vocational Training in three professional areas: Transport and Vehicle Maintenance, Installation and Industrial Maintenance and Finance and Administration. Their internship abroad lasted 4 weeks (160 working hours), included in each professional training module (410 hours) and needed to get their Diploma. A different educational programme was chosen for each professional area from those offered by our partner company (Vitalis, Nussbaum, Conoscope). Therefore, 5 of our Transport and Vehicle Maintenance students and 4 of our Electromechanical Maintenance students did their internship in the 'E-buggy' programme, developing, building and assembling a single-seater buggy with electrical and electronic drive. Other six of our Electromechanical Maintenance students did their internship in the 'Mechanics/Mechatronics' in a company called Nussbaum programme, practising the development and graphic representation of parts, manual manufacturing and CNC and further assembly in a factory which made hydraulic and pneumatic elevators. Two of our Administration Management students did their internship in the 'Finance and Administration' programme in a company called Conoscope. During their stay in Leipzig, a responsible teacher travelled, for the first week, to monitor the students’ progress and know first-hand the work done. To conclude, the exact number of participants in the project was 17 students and a teacher. The project was supervised from Spain by means of the IT technologies, such as email and wasap, and from the partner companies through a constant communication between us and the companies’ tutors' direct observation and monitoring. The impact that this project had in all participants was extremely positive since the students involved got an important benefit from the training opportunity in a personal and professional level and improved their language skills. This has widened their possibilities to access the labour market or further studies. For us, being able to improve our students' training was of great importance, as well as opening the school to our nearer society and other European countries. The students’ area was benefited by better qualified workers. The success of the project improved our society's perception of the Vocational Training, which for us is also a must.



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