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TTT - Train The Trainer!
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project, focused on training of trainers in the adult education field, will be coordinated by the Esperanto Society of Bialystok (Poland), already active at different levels and engaged in different projects focused on adult education. The partners in this project are NGOs from Germany, Poland, Italy, Iceland and a SME born from the NGO-sector, Kosmo Strategio Ltd. All of them are active in organising training courses, seminars and informal meetings in the context of promoting international cooperation and intercultural exchange in the field of adult education. Key factor for the quality and success of our non formal learning activities is the capacity of the trainers involved; based on a needs-analisis carried out by our partnership, this project aims to qualify our pool of voluntary trainers to share best experience at the European level and to develop and disseminate tools and resources to raise the quality of educational activities in the participating countries and beyond. The main project activity will therefore be a training of trainers meeting in Germany (March 2017); 18 trainers will be reached who work as volunteers or freelancers within the NGO network the partners are part of. After each training of trainers the partners will run activities at national and local level. Furthermore, five transnational project meetings are envisaged, both as coordinating meetings and as workshops to work on the project outcomes envisaged by the project (Scotland, September 2015; Poland, December 2015, Iceland, May 2016; Italy, October 2016; Italy, June 2017). Innovative training curricula and methodology will be presented, discussed and adapted to the activities of each partner and disseminated within local and national networks. As main products of the project, training materials and methods will be implemented; a web based online toolbox will be established by the partnership, that will provide online training materials for trainers active in the field of non-formal adult education. The envisaged impact of the project is a higher number and learning efficiency of non-formal learning activities of NGOs in the participating countries. In the long-term this will contribute to raising the quality of non-formal learning activities in adult education within NGOs and at the same time to a better recognition of non formal learning in the field of adult education.



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