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TTPlus - A framework for the Continuing Professional Development of Trainers

The growing recognition of the importance of lifelong learning places an increasing focus on the importance of training. The development and recognition of work based learning and e-learning offers new opportunities for the training of trainers. At the same time the adoption of the European Qualification Framework offers opportunities for the development and implementation of a common European trans-cultural Framework for Continuing Professional Development for trainers and those with responsibility for training as part of their job.The TTPlus project will examine the issues involved in the training and professionalisation of trainers in the European Member States. The project key actions are to:1) examine the contexts in which training takes place in enterprises and who has responsibility for the training function;2) examine present policies and provision for the training of trainers and consider their effectiveness;3) develop a framework for the continuing professional development of trainers;4) examine different measures and mechanisms for implementing the professional development framework;5) develop a series of portraits of training roles and professional development pathways;6) explore articulation and linkages between the Framework for Continuing Professional Development and the European Qualification Framework;7) propose policies and measures for implementing the Framework for Continuing Professional Development as a key component of part of the European Qualification Framework.The project targets mainly trainers, coaches, mentors, institutions and organisations responsible for the training of trainers and other market players involved in training of trainers activities.



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