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Try internship all over Europe
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „Try vocational internship all over Europe“ is carried out by 5 Vocational Collages. The schools want to exchange their individual experiences to broaden the internationalization strategy of their schools.This project is ment for learners in vocational training at school on the one hand but also for vocational learners in the dual system on the other hand. Both groups need a different programme which we can offer.The Vocational College Herzogenrath, a certificated „Europaschule“, is located in the Euregio Maas-Rhine, which has five partner regions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and includes the three languages Dutch, French and German. This Euregio offers a lot of qualified workplaces but you need the linguistic and intercultural qualifications. To prepare jong people for this special job market, the additional vocational qualification „Euregio-Competence“ has been developed in 2004. At the Vocational College Herzogenrath the learners can follow this qualification since that time and it is very successful. About 40 students receive this qualification every year.But this doesn´t only enable them fort he euregional job market, it also is a plus for their application on the German labour market. A lot of companies work together with cross-border companies in the Netherlands or Belgium. And also the students have proved that they are motivated to do more than only the necessary things.But it´s not only the euregional job market we prepare the students for, they should also get first, possibly good experiences with people in different countries. Because the progamme includes vocational internships abroard, they can make those experiences.The Vocational Colleges from Jülich, Düren and Eschweiler were impressed on „Euregio-Competence“ and choose it to start an internationalization strategy at their schools.The connection between the Ludwig-Erhard-College Bonn and the project manager is based on the cooperation in the context of Europeanactivities together with the EU-Geschäftsstelle in the Cologne region. Both schools want to start the additional qualification „Europakaufmann“ in the dual system and so it seemed to be reasonable to us to work together. This qualification includes an internship as well.We can exchange experiences, share the work and motivate each other.With this project we reach 147 students in the school based training and 32 in the dual system.Those yong people will test and expand their language skills and make experiences in the new work environment during their 2 – 8 weeks lasting Internship. But they learn something about a different way of working and different culture, too. They will learn to organise their life on their own and to handle new and sometimes strange situations. In our experience the students normally are very impressed by the people they come to know and they are getting more open towards other cultures. They are more self-imployed and more self-confident and that has a positiv effect on their social environment.The internships in the Euregio Maas-Rine are organised and handled by the teachers themselves because the workplacements are very clos tot he Colleges. They are in close contact with the companies in the Netherlands and Belgium as well. The internships in other European countries are organised by reliable partners.The contact between students and companies then is kept via mail.In this project we also plan mobilities from teachers. It is very important that they get a personal contact with the partners and it will motivate them to convince the students to take the chance of an internship abroard.



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