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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

TRODEU was born when a group of European teachers, after meeting and checking their common interests in reversing the current situation of adult education in their respective countries, decided to join together to achieve common goals. Previously it had been found that problems in their respective countries were similar and the work each partner performed separately towards this improvement was complementary. This association was established under the aim of improving the educational process in adult education through: progressing in teacher training, stopping school failure through a new methodology, and driving improvements overlooking the insertion both in the working and social world, especially in disadvantaged groups. With this transnational proposal we will provide: a methodological change in the teaching-learning process of adults; to know and provide solutions to address the real causes of failure and dropout at this level; an adult training according to the times we are living, to promote the use of ICT, language and integration into society for disadvantaged people. All this will be produced in order to create synergies to foster relationships between different areas: starting from results of school life we pretend to connect them with teacher training, research, continuing education, employment and social inclusion, in order to propose those results to different administrations, as the final aim. The association has proven that most of the problems adult European students currently have, are based on deficiencies in understanding and expression aspects, both oral and written, and this fact has a huge impact on performance in all other areas and therefore, in the subsequent insertion into the working field. That is why we have built a project which will design innovative activities using new tools and proposals for action in order to achieve progress in adult students, especially those students who have failed to achieve basic skills. We are very conscious about that context has changed in the last times and that it is essential to be adapted to it, so TRODEU starts on that premise:"Teaching nice and make it nice while learning" The more students have the feeling they are enjoying, the more they learn. Starting from knowing our students´ interests we will accordingly act, because that is the best way for motivation. We will create open, creative and diverse classrooms to encourage the development of the students´ skills through learning, being more practical, what will make easier for students to adapt the content to the real world. Students will co-design their own learning. Work will be based on competences and teachers will apply collaborative learning and the use of ICT. We assume that we live in a digital world in which students must be protagonists of their own learning; in this sense, technology is a great ally to get it. There will be closer relationship with direct experience, so a systematic opening to the environment will occur. Students will no longer be "spectators" and will become "participants". It will consolidate the competency approach, focusing education through skills and not just in knowledge. We aim to achieve: "SCHOOLS OPEN ALL DAY"; for this we will promote "hybrid learning" and "digital backpack". All these proposals will shape the final result, the training course: "Training proposal for improving the teaching-learning process in adults". TRODEU will get: a) a methodological impact on the formation, b) a social impact in institutions and families, c) a scientific impact with different proposals which will generate success and d) a political impact, establishing a bridge between methodological, scientific and social field, proposing policies of governments, organizations and collectives actions to ensure real educational improvement. With all this, TRODEU will achieve profits during its development, but especially long-term benefits, mainly because the intellectual product will be expanded regionally, nationally and internationally. It will be available to anyone who requests it. Once the project is completed, cooperation with different administrations and institutions will be sought, offering them the organization of the training course. TRODEU components are: SOCAEAN (Spain) as coordinator country, ICE (Portugal), Finska Folkhögskolans Stiftelse (Sweden) and KU Leuven University (Belgium). All these institutions are working in adult education but in different fields. Each of them will bring their different but complementary work, enriching the association, achieving synergies which will converge in an innovative and open training proposal to improve the teaching-learning process in adult education.



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