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Triple Learning Platform (TLP)

Four of the participating countries (FI, DK, NL, DE) have established a student retail shop, that works inco-operation with local businesses i.e. selling their products. The shops are primarily a pedagological tool to provide the students with an authentic learning environment and a tool for creating closer contact with the local business community. The student retail shops are run in different ways in the participating countries. The differences are related to e.g. the location of the shops, earning principle, product mix, management and the rewarding and accreditation system of the students. The aim of the project is for students, teachers and organisations to learn from each other, transfer best practises from each country and create description of the student retail shop concepts.During the meetings the teachers and the work life active partners will discuss selected subjects e.g. development of practical teaching, development of the shop concept, co-operation between schools and working life as well as mutual recognition of learning outcomes (ECVET). New ideas gaind will be adapted and tested in between the meetings. The students will work in the local student retail shop and present the retail shop concept at fairs in Dokkum and Wittmund. One day is a cultural day, during which the students visit a local company. Students will also participate in the discussion on some selected topics. In the annual International Student Company Festival 2014 in Latvia a dissemination seminar will be arranged where the description of the student retail shop concepts and its outcomes will be presented. Each country will make a presentation about their own student retail shop, what it was like before the project and how it has developed from that point to the current situation.



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