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Trip 2 Tolerance
Date du début: 15 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 14 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims at promoting the values of democracy, inter-cultural understanding and solidarity among the youth across the EU and partner countries, since during the recent years the economic, refugee and social crises that have stroked the area, have made clear that the role of the youth needs to be upgraded and their voice heard.It is a project where 53 people from Greece, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Albania, FYROM and Latvia will have the chance to interact with each other and gain knowledge from each other in a concert of activities such as a Mobility of youth and a field research aiming to find and highlight the attitudes of the participating societies towards the issues aimed by the project.The methodology of the project is the non-formal education, while at the same time with presentations on how to understand and explore the competences recognized by the EU we also promote one of the basic non-formal recognition tool, the Youthpass. Moreoevr during the activities there are a lot of chances given to the participants to discuss about their cultures and learn from each other in a way that promotes also the importance of informal education.The participants of the project are expected to broaden their horizons, become tolerant and understand the importance of respecting different cultures, explore the values of democracy and gain specific skills such as video animation edit and creation skills, language and IT skills. In the long term however we believe that the program can have an even broader impact not only to the participants but also to the societies, where the partners are located, via its dissemination strategy and to the consortium itself, by deepening and continuing our cooperation.



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