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Triada "Formal - Non-formal - Informal" în abordarea europeană a învățământului tehnologic
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project called “The Triad in European approach of technological education" is addressed to technical teachers, the managers of the Food Industry College in Arad (CTIA).The mobility will take place in Barcelos,Portugal in april-may 2016.The target group is made of 10 teachers of CTIA.The project partners are:CTIA Arad-institution of sending and Associacao Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade Barcelos-organisation of receiving.The activities will take place with the cooperation of Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos,Escola Secundaria Rocha Peixoto,Proffesional Schools ETG,Carnes Landeiro,Padaria Independente,Clinica Veterenaria Barcelos. This project is a follow up of the project called„Open road to the latest european technologies in food industry” which took place in 2012.To encrease the quality and efficience of the educational system,CTIA sustains the teachers’continuing forming through European mobilities. After the need analyses made by the Technological curricular aria a professional formation is needed concerning the technical teachers regarding the cognition and usage of the formal, non-formal, informal educational methods and the education concerning the sustained developement. The Aims of the Project: 1.The encrease of the quality and efficience of the educational system, the activities and programme offer which are able to determine the encrease of attraction for CTIA on the local level 2.The proffesional developement of the teachers through acquiring the competences of using the formal, non-formal, informal methods in teaching the technological disciplines which sustain the education for sustainable developement 3.The implementation of the alternative methods of teaching-learning in order to get the scholar performance, the encrease of their know-how efficience, the teachers’attitude and behaviour change regarding the education concerning the pupil 4.The European dimension developement through the contact with scholar and proffesional formation institutions in EU 5.The developement and recognition of the pedagogical,inguistic and cultural competences acquired by participants The main unrolled activities in the mobility are: -activities in schools,CCD -activities at the economical agents(bio farm, slaughter-house, veterinary cabinet, bakery)-the observation of the pupils’practice - Round tables, debates about the speciality disciplines teaching in IPT,of the education for durable developement - Workshops:the didactical scenarios concerning the pupil at the technological disciplines,measures concerning the durable education; a way of signing partnerships between school and the economical agents,the communication between school, the economical agent and the pupil,the pupils’monitoring and evaluation during their practice - Role plays,simulations:the implementation of the teaching alternative methods in IPT - cultural activities(2days) The expected results of the project are: -The professional developement of the competences and the personal developement of the participants:the role analyses and the perception of the non formal education in the European schools;the efficient planning of the didactic scenario and of the educational support materials based on alternative teaching-learning-evaluation methods;the facilitating of the understanding of the way in which the nonformal educational methods can be used to promote the active and interdisciplines learning; the implementation of the alternative learning methods;the developement of the entrepreneurship competences;the developement of the adapting capacity and quality at situations and the new socio-cultural environment; the developement of the lingvistic and cultural competences -Final products with the role of valuing and dissemination:CDs,fliers, posters,articles on the school web page,in media,the project panel;PPTs;course support„Alternative methods of teaching-learning-evaluation used in the technological educational system”,”Career guide” -Demonstrative lessons The expected impact over the participants:the attitude and the paticipants’ behaviour change, providing an attractive,efficient learning environment, favorable to collaboration, student centered;flexibility in application the learning methods;sharing the gained experience;the encreasing of the selfesteem through getting the linguistic competences, of communication,using the IT instruments;an open mind to the economical environment requirements The impact at the institutional level:an added European value, the use of European vision at the scholar management level; the encrease of the European dimension of the institution and of the signed partnerships; the encrease of the school prestige, promoting the school image; the encrease of the qualification attractiveness; the encrease of the students’number.



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