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Trendy Media for Youth Workers
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Media has strong effect on our society, especially on youngsters. There are a lot of risks connected with Internet and new media but from the other hand it might be also useful educational tool. Moreover if you are not active in social networks or you do not use modern PR it is much more harder to reach youth as a target group. High pedagogical quality without a promotion has not many chances to attract young people. One of the reasons to carry out this project is a need to find a way to persuade youngsters for taking part in non-formal education activites. It is also important to mentione that it is difficult to understand youth without knowledge about new media.The idea for the project has appeared among youth workers in SVC Decko Nachod, Fundacja Qdowa and Šiaulių Didždvario gimnazija. They have realized that good PR has a key role if you offer activities for teenagers and local community. At the same time they became aware of their lack of knowledge in this field and a need to change it. The objectives of the project are:- to provide to youth workers better understanding of youth by getting to know 'trendy' media- to improve quality of youth work by introducing new tools to youth workers- to encourage youth workers to search for innovations in their work- to increase media literacy of youth workers by developing their competencies in using new media, new computer applications and by discussing with them advantages and disadvantages of new mediaThe main project activity is a seminar for youth workers. There is a group of 22 youth workers from 6 countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary, Spain. The seminar will take place in Nachod, Czech Republic, from 23.09.2016 till 27.09.2016. Overview of the activities:- introduction session, ice-breakers, group building activities- workshops about PR and its role in a youth work- practical workshops: creating posters, newsletters, videos and presentations; working on pictures, using social networks; how to improve youth work via it,- presentations about organizations involved in the project - the methods of youth work using by them, exchanging experience among participants and organizations,- discussion about trendy media, its advantages and disadvantages, sharing observations of participants,- group work on dissemination Working methodes: during the project we will use methods of formal and non-formal education. We will always try to choose the method which is the most suitable for a topic. Most of activities will be workshops during which participants will learn by practise but there will be also some theoretical parts including for instance short lectures. Moreover there will be discussions, group work, personal reflection etc. The most important projects´ impact is improvement and innovations in a youth work. By understanding trendy media youth workers will understand better youngsters and will be more effective in their work.



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