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Treenerite-koolitajate pädevuse ajakohastamine läbi rahvusvaheliste täiendkoolituste
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Sport is permanently developing and changing field of life. The competitive nature of sport itself sets the demands to update continuously the coaching methodology, techniques and tactics. From the other hand the international sports federations are working constantly to make their disciplines more attractive for the public and more competitive in comparison to other sports. The rules are updated, new competition formats developed and the requirements for the sports equipment changed which subsequently cause the changes in coaching methodologies. The changes, launched initially mostly in elite sports are transmitted to the youth and hobby sports shortly and so influence the work of all coaches regardless the target groups. In order to keep the coaches’ competence in state of art and to ensure the quality of coaching, the further education and regular refreshment courses for coaches are inevitable. The objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of the higher level coaches to act as the trainers of other coaches’ through the international further education courses and conferences, to develop and deepen cooperation with European partner organisations and to integrate the Estonian sports organisations into international cooperation in the field of coaches’ training. The project consortium consists of five sports organisations – the applicant Foundation of Sports Education and Information and the members Estonian Athletic Association, Estonian Handball Association, Estonian Badminton Association and Estonian Swimming Association. The scope of the project foresees participation in seven international further educational events - six of them are related to specific sports disciplines and one is of general horizontal character coaches’ conference or course. The planned number of participants is 16 trainers - 14 coaches-trainers on specific sports and 2 trainers of interdisciplinary sports courses. The project is led by the applicant. The obligations between the consortium partners will be regulated by an agreement. The responsibility of the applicant is to prepare and conclude in cooperation with consortium members the agreements with involved coaches-trainers, to manage the registration, travel arrangements and other issues concerning participation, to take care of issuing Europass mobility document and monitor the participants’ reporting. The applicant will analyze the mobility results and plan further activities to increase the impact of the project. The estimated impact on the state level is the increase in offering of high level further education courses on the sports involved in project and indirectly through improved generalized knowledge the enhanced level of complementary courses in all sports. The expected influence on European and international level is the tighter cooperation between couches-trainers from different countries and between national and international sports associations and federations in the field of coaches’ complementary education. In order to ensure extensive and long lasting impact of the project, the applicant analyses in cooperation with coaches’ education specialists from Tallinn University and Tartu University the universal aspects of the knowledge obtained, The analyses is based on reports and interviews with participants of the courses. The results of the analysis will be used for planning further general knowledge courses for couches and for designing the recommendations for sports associations aimed at achieving the knowledge transactions between sports.