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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project is to strengthen young people's citizenship, competences so that they will be more competitive in the labor market in the future and to strengthen organizations through inter-cultural communication. Volunteers during their activities will organize various activities in their HO, propose and implement their own initiatives, will organize different activities to target groups, will offer new methods of working, will help organizations to carry out their goals and objectives. The project involves 4 host organizations: Non-governmental kindergarten 'Nendrė', PI 'Toys' Museum'[ , SOS Children's Villages in Lithuania and the Day Center 'Sviesa' and 7 volunteers from different countries: Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Spain, Hungary and France.The project will give the opportunity for young people to participate in different activities of organizations and encourage them to participate in the active life of the community, which will help for HO, HO clients and for local society to learn about other cultures and raise their viewpoints, to "break" certain stereotypes about different countries, especially about partner countries, which our project involves mostly and which for Lithuanian society are often less attractive and there are incorrect opinions about these countries, also there volunteering is less known. So we believe this project can improve in order to promote public access to different cultures through live communication with volunteers and can encourage other young people to try international volunteering opportunities also. Also, this project will promote tolerance and respect for different cultures, for minorities and socially disadvantaged groups, because for each EVS project volunteers will have the opportunity to get to know different target groups (their needs, abilities, uniqueness and methods to work with them) and also awareness of their importance / uniqueness (as a person, a certain cultural person) and their possible impact on other cultures, because each volunteer may have a big impact, and each of them is a reflection of their own country.In this project, volunteers will organize individual activities during their EVS how to work with different target groups: children, youth, adults, families and the disable people. Volunteers will have opportunity to learn various educational activities according to their target groups, what will allow for volunteers to gain personal, professional, social skills. So this project gives volunteers an opportunity to learn and gain valuable experience, learning through practice, trying of specific activities, methods and target groups. Also, volunteers will have opportunities to implement their personal initiatives.All partners, CO, HO and SO are responsible to qualified project implementation. Communication between all partners will continue during whole project to ensure the project's expected results, project quality and for avoiding critical situations.The project will also encourage young people's awareness of its role as European citizenship and will help to understand their role in society. Everyone, especially young people, can contribute to their community life improvement, problem solving and so on.



10 Participants partenaires