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TRANSVALP – Transparence et Validation des Acquis Linguistiques professionnels liés aux emplois et à la mobilité en Europe

The partners elaborate a recognition procedure, consistently linked to the Europass system, with the aim of evaluating the four basic abilities as well as the phonetic, grammatical, semantic systems in the different work sectors and validating the professional linguistic key competences; the prototypal procedures are technologically advanced because they can be directly adopted online, and are available in English, France and Spanish. TRANSVALP does not aim at verifying and certifying the linguistic competences tout court, but at recognising the qualitative levels of expression in specific professional languages. This is the reason why the partners decided to select a starting group of specific professional sectors: tourism, services, informatics, transports and logistic. The logical, technical, methodological links to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEF) guarantee the opportunities for transparency, normalisation and transferability; the strategical and pedagogical links to the Europass system guarantee the opportunities for accreditation and certification; the organizational and systemic links to the national fields of professional re-training and VET systems guarantee the opportunities for a concertated and common recognition, for a deep consistence with the European strategies after Lisbon, Maastricht and Bologna, for a wider and competent mobility.



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