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Transport Research Market Uptake (Market-up) (Market-up)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2010, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The concept behind this project becomes clearer when one understands the needs of a good market uptake of a research result. The purpose of a market uptake is to make research generated and scientific and technological developments accessible to private organisations. These stakeholders are then encouraged to develop the technology further into new products, processes, materials, or services that will enhance the industrial competitiveness.The objectives of the Market-up project are fourfold:1. To get a better understanding of the context in which research funding for transport takes place in Europe and for the different transport modes, including concentration pattern in terms of actors (role and weight of big companies vs SMEs).2. To derive conclusions as to what drives or hampers the development and uptake of transport technologies.3. To develop insights into which policy instruments could be usefully applied to respond to the drivers and address the barriers such that faster progress can be achieved with the introduction and uptake of transport technologies.4. To identify and define the roles of the actors and regions involved in this actionsThe above mentioned objectives will be achieved through the development of the following activities:- Analysing barriers and drivers (social, economical and technical) for the market uptake of transport research results in Europe.- Monitoring and assessing progress of the industrial research in the transport sector through a mapping of existing competencies in the EU-27, particularly highlighting the role of the SMEs in order to integrate their innovation potential- Assessing research-funding instruments available- Analysing barriers and weak players in the field of RTD as applied to SMEs in the transport sectors- Encouraging SMEs and RTD smaller actors to get involved on RTD programmes by training and educating them.



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