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Transparency of credit allocation in VET and HE in Manufacturing
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

REASON FOR THE PROJECT: With the new priority of the European Commission of bringing manufacturing back to Europe their will be a huge need for qualified personnel. Also, the EC has identified advanced manufacturing as key for this "re-manufacturing" of Europe. This will require that VET providers and HE Institutes work together to answer the needs from industry. In order to allow this collaboration between VET and HE the first step is to ensure the transferability of people between these two educational "paths". The HE&VET project will focus on the need of qualified personnel in joining technologies, however, always keep in mind other manufacturing technologies to ensure an higher impact. AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The project aims at promoting the collaboration between VET and HE. This objective will be achieved through the development of a methodology and tools to allow the transferability between VET and HE. CONSORTIUM:The consortium is constituted by five partners. TWI will act as Project Coordinator, in direct contact with the National Agency from UK. EWF is the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting, with a Training and Qualification network covering 31 member countries that will be essential in the implementation and dissemination of the HE&VET project results. Two of the partners are the welding institutes of Portugal (ISQ) and UK (TWI), which have strong knowledge and expertise in training and qualification at a sector-based level. Universidade de Lisboa has expertise in collaborating with VET providers and in developing courses that combine HE with VET. All partners also have plenty of experience in the implementation and training using European Harmonized Guidelines. OUTCOMES: The objectives will be achieved through the definition of a methodology and tools for the transferability between VET and HE. For this purpose, at the start of the project, a study will be carried out in order to understand the specific requirements in terms VET and HE transferability in different countries and in different industries, where welding plays an important role. This will allow the development of a methodology in line with the requirements of the different countries and industries. IMPACT: The project results will have an impact in the manufacturing industry. Considering that the European metal working sector which accounts for over 87€ billion of value added to the European economy, as well as over 2 million jobs, it is clear to see that the impact of this project is assured.



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