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Transnational strategy for global sustainable food management (GREENCOOK)
Date du début: 9 oct. 2008, Date de fin: 29 juin 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

GreenCook is aimed at reducing food wastage and to make the North-West Europe a model of sustainable food management. by in-depth work on the consumer / food relationship thanks to a multisectoral partnership. Food wastage is a challenging problem. directly linked with the question of waste. consumption and climate change. A quarter of the food produced in the world each year ends up in the dustbin. without having been consumed! Food wastage. a reflection of our overconsumption society. also reinforces social inequalities and is ethically unacceptable. The negative impacts of this wastage are real: for households (useless expenditure). for local authorities (overproduction of waste to be treated. increased costs). for the environment (pointless use of resources and pollution). and for the economy (falling prices). There is a pressing need. for consumers to respect food and food producers again. to enjoy the pleasure of healthy and tasty eating again. to rediscover culinary know-how. and to optimise food presentation. storage and conservation. Lately. tools and methods are under experimentation to help consumers to improve their food management while controlling their purchasing power. They aim at changing behaviour or altering the offer (at the supermarket. in the restaurant or in the canteen). It is alas hard for them to be generalised. because of the complexity of the levers that have to be activated. GreenCook’s ambition is to create this lever effect. by generating a dynamic that motivates all of the food players and by throwing pathbreaking bridges with the fields of health. welfare and economic development. Its diversified partnership intends to show the added value of united. transversal action. and to influence EU policies. in order to get a new European sustainable food model to emerge. Achievements: The most interesting results are : - comprehensive strategies for reducing food wastage : o In canteens and restaurants, o By raising consumer awarenesso At the point of sale – very innovative, including a food waste audit method, reprocessing and creation of new food products and brand, communication to consumers, involvement of staff, optimisation of food donation o To optimise food donation, targeting both the retail side and the beneficiaries / charities side- efficient communication to the general public (Brussels Environment and AVL) - a common measurement methodology for canteens and restaurants - data on food wastage in school and company canteens : a large range of data are now available outside GreenCook but for certain type of schools only (French colleges and lycées mainly)- data on food wastage in supermarket, in kg not in euros (while the sector is very secret) - networks of Ambassadors (mainly cooks) and exchange within the network or across networks - Ambassadors of various types (cooks in canteens, in restaurants, students, households…) - a model for network of Ambassadors, including a training programme on technical and behavioural aspects, practical / hands-on activities, and communication / identification - a virtual coach to reduce food wastage at home (respect food portal) - a scheme to support households in changing behaviour and reducing their waste (with supermarkets, with virtual coach…)- 15 practical tools for individuals to avoid food wastage at home, or for groups- a transnational cookbook with testimonies of Ambassadors, recipes, and short overview of all projects carried out during GreeCook, sector by sector - a contribution to various policy-making discussions at regional, national or EU level (see later) - Transnational recommendations : on “Reducing food wastage on the point of sale and optimising food donation” on “Raising the awareness of the consumers and mobilise them to act” on “Reducing food wastage in canteens and restaurants” - Transnational methodology to monitor food wastage - 25 Index cards of GreenCook pilot projects • CRNPDC handbook : o Guide de bonnes pratiques GreenCook o Répertoire de 9 bonnes pratiques GreenCook o 28 Fiches actions o Fiches Lycées Pilotes - Alimentation durable dans les collectivités : Guide pratique cantine durable- Outil d'évaluation de votre cantine - Récupération de denrées fraîches en collaboration avec des supermarchés – Méthode par étapes pour les restaurants sociaux - Guide de bonnes pratiques Zéro Gaspi (Greentag) - Reducing food waste : advice from chefs and catering professionals- Respect food portal- Alimentation et environnement: 100 conseils pour se régaler en respectant l'environnement et sa santé (brochure for households)- Manger bien, jeter moins (brochure for households)- Plateforme transnationale de dialogue "Sécurité de la chaîne alimentaire et lutte contre le gaspillage : passer de la contrainte à l’opportunité" - Lille, 20/11/12- No opportunity wasted – the transnational cookbook / Le gaspi, ça suffit – le livre de recettes transnational Outputs available on DocumentsNo opportunity wasted - File DownloadFood to food canteen - External Youtube LinkRespect Food portal - File Download



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