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Transnational INnovation INcentives for Life Science SMEs (IN2LifeSciences)
Date du début: 18 nov. 2010, Date de fin: 27 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

IN2LifeSciences (IN2LS) aims to accelerate the transition from research to market of SMEs in the field of life sciences and medical technology. It does so by supporting SMEs in the initiation of hands-on collaborations with organizations in other regions that can help them improve and speed up their research. development and commercialization of new products. IN2LS uses such transnational collaborations as a tool for SMEs to broaden their networks beyond the entities available in their own region. allowing them to work with organizations that have unique tools. expertise or resources for tackling the specific bottlenecks SMEs encounter in bringing research to the market. These bottlenecks may be market-related (e.g. lack of understanding of insight in new or foreign markets). technology-related (e.g. limited access to specialized knowledge and (costly) equipment) or related to financing (e.g. lack of relevant investors and other sources of financing). The IN2LS partners will bring SMEs into contact with relevant entities from other regions. and use various brokerage tools (some fully new. some capitalizing on results of previous projects such as FASILIS – Facility Sharing in Life Sciences) and a joint fund of €780k of incentives that SMEs can access directly. to initiate durable relationships with relevant entities in other regions. The impact achieved goes beyond IN2LS activities only: the new long-lasting transnational collaborations initiated by SMEs will generate long-term returns that leverage effort and finances invested in IN2LS. IN2LS is a collaboration between 8 leading life science clusters in and around North-West Europe as well as a group of observer regions (currently 10 and growing). We envisage a highly practical project that uses brokerage and incentives to match SMEs and relevant organizations abroad. leading to long-term collaborations and concrete results in bringing innovations to the market. Achievements: On May 4, 2014 the fourth and final call for incentives was closed. During this last call the IN2LS Steering Group awarded 28 requests with a financial incentive. 13 SMEs want to gain better insight in technology and market issues by consulting an international expert. 15 SMEs will collaborate with a foreign partner within the IN2LifeSciences network.During these four calls a total of 216 vouchers were granted: 69 Collaboration incentives, 41 Insight incentives and 106 Meet & Greet incentives.



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