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Transnational Forestry Management Strategies in Response to Regional Climate Change Impacts (ForeStClim)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2007, Date de fin: 27 févr. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Climate Change reflects itself on the regional level by a changing regional climate and impacts on the environmental. societal and economic worlds. Hand in hand with this will be an inevitable shift in forest site conditions in the next decades with serious implications for sustainable forest management. Hence the project will show regionalized climate change impacts on forest site characteristics. on forest protection functions. on forest yield. biodiversity. water resources and carbon sequestration across North-West Europe; all of this linked to a diverse set of multi-level risk assessments associated with preserving the multitude of forest goods and services. which will be part of the “ForeStClim”-strategies. The development of transnational coordinated forestry management and forest protection and adaptation strategies will be the principal outcome of the project and help secure the future economic stability of forestry in North-West-Europe. a sustainable timber production. an efficient protection of forest ecosystems. as well as the maintenance of the protection. recreation and other functions of forests. Achievements: This project evaluated the effects of climate change on forests and forestry across North West Europe, based on case study areas in partner countries. The researchers developed and demonstrated tools and techniques to support the implementation of adaptation strategies. Forest Research worked with 20 other partners from the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and Luxembourg.Key findings and outputs• Comprehensive modelling of the impact of climate change scenarios on forest ecosystems in North West Europe• Tools, guidelines and methodologies for risk assessments to identify how individual forests are most at risk from climate change (e.g. wildfire, disease, storm damage, groundwater recharge, etc) or threats to goods and services (employment, timber productivity, tourism, etc)• Development of a strategic decision support system for sustainable forestry management, forest protection and water management Implementation of new site survey practices• Demonstration of new strategies at test sites, including the development of a climate change adaptation demonstration forest at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in ScotlandInternational photography competition “Trees and humans in a changing climate”, displayed at Risley Moss in the UKProject results are available under:



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  • 2007 - 2013 North West Europe
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