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Transnational Business Groups
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

1. This project, related to entrepreneurism, is about helping students create their own business by taking full informed responsibility for the decisions and respecting ecology, regional identity but global market. They will do so after attending, with their teachers, an online training course about virtual companies management. The important point is that it will promote European business cooperation and competition by creating four international mixed groups of students, each one in charge of managing a virtual company ank taking decisions under several sets of guidelines defined by partners. The mixed teams will have to cooperate internally in order to win the competition, held at an OER online platform. Other main objectives are: To give students practical skills about how companies are managed. To provide knowledge of national and European markets through company visits and market studies. To motivate pupils to search for work in Europe. To provide equal job opportunities for girls and boys To promote intercultural understanding and awareness To promote European Citizenship These objectives match the European objectives at a macro level, because they relate to the Europe 2020 Strategy ones: employment, innovation, education. Regarding the Communiqué, this project develops partnerships between education and business, locally, regionally and internationally. It also develops innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, as well as the use of ICT. It also respects KA2 objectives, by developing innovative methodologies to improve and promote entrepreneurial approach in education. Facing the existing youth unemployment in Europe it intends to focus on students through a flexible and open way to develop entrepreneurial skills, providing them with a comprehensive and systematic training tool that enables them to create and / or manage a company. 2. Number and profile of participants: the partners are 2 VET schools experienced in the company programme, 2 regular Secondary schools, newcomers to the Programme, and 2 experienced training organizations, bringing the entrepreneurial practical approach. A seventh partner is included due to its great dissemination skills, which helps the sustainability of the project.. 3. Main activities and methology: the creation and implementation of an on-line course, held at a Moodle platform and several training materials, all of them in several languages, followed by national reports with the main conclusions, gathered on a common best practices and recomendations; organized entrepreneurism focused workshops, with critical analysis by each partner and a common report with recomendations to policy makers; set of management guidances to allow an innovative virtual companies competition following the creation of 4 transnational virtual companies, each one with elements from the partners schools. The intensive use of ICT and OER is clearly visible. 4. Results and impact: -The adaptation to 5 countries of an innovative virtual companies’ management methodology created by the Italian partner, developed under an European project; -The development of teachers and staff members’ competences over online course design and teaching. -The 4 dynamic multinational virtual companies’ competition. -The awareness over European labor market students will get. -Students will obtain theoretical knowledge and practical skills about jobs and organizational working departments and will develop their organizational skills, like sales techniques, financial or marketing management. -The extensive usage of ICT and English. 5. Potential longer terms: Online based outputs and OER will confirm the lifelong implementation and promotion of the project. A contribution to reducing high youth unemployment through the development of new companies or improving the internationalization of the ones students will start working for.



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