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Transnational Action Program Spatial Planning for Preventive Flood Protection in the Oder Catch (ODERREGIO)
Date du début: 30 nov. 2002, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The target of ODERREGIO is the production of a transnational agreed action program of spatial planning for preventive flood protection between the countries Czech Republic, Poland and Germany for the complete Oder river catchment area. This action program contains concrete realisable actions agreed between the project partners. These cover the preparation of enlargement of retention areas by spatial planning (e.g. building of polders, retention areas and dike relocations), the protection of areas endangered by flood as well as the sensitising of the actors. This will provide an important contribution to the reduction of flood risk. The successful principle of the active cooperation and involvement of the main actors from all three countries in the project will be continued and extended. Representatives of all regional spatial planning authorities and water management authorities in the Oder river region will be involved. They will be augmented by representatives from the fields of municipal politics, nature conservation as well as agriculture and forestry. In particular the ODERREGIO project will concentrate on the following: - an exemplary approach for cross-border spatial planning and preventive flood protection at a regional level, - an increased inter-municipal co-operation (network of municipalities) for preventive flood protection, - a concept for comprehensive regional and structural development in the Oder river region with regard to the requirements of flood protection, - the planning prerequisites for the realisation of concrete measures in the field of flood prevention and an active information management for a better understanding of flood hazards and protection measures. Achievements: OderRegio is the continuation of an INTERREG II C project, which was concluded in 2001 and provided a transnational conception of flood protection. So far, activities in the follow-up project have been focused on information management and preparation of reliable information on possible dangers and damages caused by flooding. Therefore, intensive negotiations for provision of data were necessary. A highlight of the project was the second regional conference entitled "Preventive Flood Protection along the Upper Reaches of the Oder River" on 30-31 March 2006 in Ostrava (CZ) with about 100 participants. The conference is the continuation of a process of communication and exchange with the flood-affected inhabitants and decision-makers at regional and local level. This process will be pursued and intensified at the third regional conference in Frankfurt (Oder) in November 2006.



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