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Translation of novel Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer for clinical outcome prediction (TransBioBC)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Currently, clinical diagnosis and monitoring of bladder cancer (BC) relies on invasive, highly costly cystoscopy. Additionally, due to high recurrence rates BC treatment is associated with frequent follow-up of patients, making BC one of the most costly types of cancer in terms of management cost. Thus there is a clear clinical need for the development of new approaches for early detection of recurrence and progression.Our proposal is based on the identification of novel biomarkers (BM) for BC recurrence and progression in urine and powerful technological platforms as extensive foreground work of the involved partners in the framework of FP7 EU projects DECanBio and GENINCA. The objective of TransBioBC is to translate this foreground work in the field of BC and to specifically employ the involved technologies (CE-MS and micro-ELISA), represented by the participating SMEs, for the development of non-invasive urine tests for routine monitoring of BC recurrence and progression. Our project uniquely integrates leading BC clinical experts with experts on proteome analysis and high throughput immunoassay development in an implementation-oriented workflow. Strict monitoring of assay analytical performance, and properly collected and well characterized clinical samples from existing sufficiently powered BC cohorts are combined with in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements, analysis approaches to define added value and well designed business plans including multi-stakeholder dissemination and exploitation plans.Collectively, TransBioBC will provide strong evidence for utility of the new BM directly in BC clinical management and as a secondary aim for usage in clinical trials and drug development.



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