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Transferring Open Content on Energy-efficient Buildings

The TOCEB project transfers content and the pedagogical approach from the innovative and awarded open content platform “e-genius” ( to the partner countries CZ, IT, LT and PL for the use by the primary target groups of (1) teachers/trainers in vocational education and training (VET) centres/colleges and (2) apprentices/students in the same VET institutions. The relevant materials of e-genius are adapted, first, from tertiary to VET level and, second, to the national contexts and languages of the partner countries with respect to regional construction types and geographical givens in order to fulfil the necessary step towards adaptations according to the EU Directive on the energy performance of buildings adopted in 2010. The reason for the project is the lack for open content teaching and learning materials within the national VET systems on the topics of energy-efficient and sustainable building, a lack that is in contradiction to immense scientific research results of the last years. The innovative aspects of e-genius which will be transferred are as follows: Most recent scientific and technical knowledge about energy-efficient buildings and building refurbishment is edited in learning and teaching units based on competency-oriented pedagogical framework and published at the website of “e-genius” as open content or as open educational resources in different formats for download and as online tests for self-assessment. The open content system allows the use and individual modification for teaching and learning purposes under the creative commons license (no commercial use). The project partners are developing four different modules in a high quality. GrAT, the lead partner stationed at Vienna University of Technology, brings in the latest state of the art in this field of research and didactics, whereas the second AT partner ibis acam has the experience in executing knowledge transfer and in project coordination in similar projects. The other partners are experts of the regional contexts and educational needs in the VET sector of their respective countries and therefore are very qualified to adapt the basic modules to the national contexts and to disseminate and exploit the developed materials. The aim of this project is to contribute to the realization of innovative and sustainable solutions in the building sector of the targeted regions, enhance the qualifications of VET students and deliver core competences, such as technical and language skills as well as skills in media use during the learning process.



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