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Transfer of New Technologies Canaries-Cape Verde (FORMA-PRO)

The project FORM PRO has like primary target the transference to Cabo Verde of training methodologies through the New Technologies of computer science and the communication (ICT'S). Six professional training courses using the TIC's will be developed, that will have a demonstrative character since this type of professional formation has still not been experienced in Cabo Verde. The predicted actions are: Specific formation in the Canary Islands for future professors in Cabo Verde, on the specific methodology and the technical courses (Oracle, Line of vision BASIC, techniques of sale, etc.). The courses that will be distributed are 6 and the subjects that are going away to treat are: Marketing, Internet, Techniques of Communication and Techniques of Sales. The duration of the actions in the Canary Islands is of six months and they will be complemented with other two months of training in Cabo Verde.



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