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Transfer inovácií vo floristike v partnerstve FLORNET
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project submittor SOŠ Pruské Transfer of innovations in floristś in partnership FLORNET prepares the students in the frame of special education in the field horticulture (gardening). The project target is the transfer of inovations from partner countries Flornet to reach the school educational programme. In the area of floristics there are lots of innovational changes ant the project target is to carry these changes into the Slovak system, to support increasing of the professional competences of the students, to motivate their authentic learning, to support Eurocitizienship as one of Lisabon strategy´s aims. Participants of the project will be 15 students and 5 teachers who are going to realise their intership at five partners sides within FLORNET. The concrete activities are oriented on gaining national and international key competences which are based on learning and learning at work: The participants will improve their professional, cultural, social, multilinguistic and didactic skills, they will gain new views to other cultures and ways of life. Thanks to using of new multimedia they will reach a bigger option to employ themselves and they will become more flexible in the autenthic habitat. From the organisation´s view of SOŠ Pruské the project realisation will contribute to the application (incorporation) gained by methodology and didactic methods into the educational school programmes and they will pick up the school image and reputation. The expected results: The participants will be able to find a job, they will have an open thinking and gain skills in their field. They will be able to use their knowledge, skills and competences each other through international contacts. The will reach new understanding, skills and the using of aesthetic design will be useful for their future challenges. They will be more open to other cultures, other ways of life and improve their language skills.



5 Participants partenaires